Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photoshop Basics

You asked. And here it is!
Photoshop Basics
Let me be the first to say that Photoshop is difficult, annoying, make you want to scream, and pull our your hair, FRUSTRATING. I know. I've been at it for the last 2 years. So besides learning the ins and outs of photography, you want to know how to make your pictures POP. This is the class for you.

What: Learn the basics of Photoshop - Layers, Layer Masks, Sharpening Shots, Smoothing Skin, Popping Eyes, Enhancing Texture, Saturating Colors and More.

When: (There's a lot to learn so this is a two session class.)

Thursday, September 3rd and September 10th from 6:30 to 8:30pm

Supplies: You must have a laptop with CS4 or CS3 of Photoshop loaded on it. Your version of Photoshop must be up and running before the class starts. Plan on bringing a power cord in case your battery dies.

Tuition: $45 for both classes, or $25 to attend just September 3rd.
Enrollment: Due to a booked fall season, I am not sure when I'll teach another Photoshop class. That in mind, I am capping this class at 5 students. A smaller class means I'll be able to answer more questions and really teach in-depth. It is my hope that everybody who takes this class will walk away with a firm understanding of Photoshop and be able to ROCK their photos. Because I have received quite a few emails of interest in this type of class I will just be basing enrollment off of first come first serve. If you are interested, please email or call right away. You will need to send in tuition to secure your spot.

Note: As always, once you take a workshop from me, you are welcome to email any question you have concerning that workshop. I do my best to answer emails within a few days of receiving them. Also, given extra space I may have in upcoming workshops that you have previously enrolled in, you are welcome to attend for free.

In case you were wondering: The first picture on the header is SOC (Straight out of the Camera) and the second and third are examples of techniques we will learn in this class.

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